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they got mad

Okay I’m just gonna throw this out here for a sec.

Everyone who said “wake up” or anything of the sort is an ASSHOLE. I’m gonna excuse the people who don’t know about this but that song was written because the singer’s dad died on September first. Supposedly when the funeral for his father came (he was a child) he went to his room and said “wake me up when September ends.” This song is personal to him and anyone who says “wake up” knowing how important this song is is a jackass and I will lose all respect for them.

His father died of cancer. It’s not something to joke about. We’ve all lost someone at some point in our lives. Saying “wake up” to the singer who only wrote this son in memory of a loved one is distrepectful as fuck. How would you like it if someone came over and pissed on the grave of someone you love, whether it be family or friend? That’s essentially what people are doing here.

Green Day/Billie Joe even asked people to stop. To those who didn’t listen: Fuck you. You’re inconsiderate assholes.

Signal Boost the fuck out of this. I want people to know how much it hurts Billie Joe Armstrong to see these goddamn messages every year when all he wanted to do was remember someone he loved.

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